Subaru Repair

If you own a Subaru, we know you want it to operate in optimal condition with genuine Subaru parts. The best way to have your Subaru last for years is through regular maintenance at Zuccato's Auto Care in Sunnyvale, CA.

You can trust that our Subaru mechanics will work with you to perform diagnostics on your vehicle and inform you of any repairs or future services your Subaru is going to need. No matter what Subaru you own, whether it's an Impreza, WRX, BRZ, Outback, or Forester, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose, maintain, and repair your Subaru. No service is too complicated for our expert mechanics, even if you need a transmission replacement or engine rebuild.


If you've ever been stuck with an unexpected dead battery, then you understand the importance of having a healthy working battery. Our technicians can run a battery and charging system health test to determine the state of your Subaru battery's charge and help prevent a no-start situation. Things that can affect your battery's healthy include its age and extreme temperatures. If your Subaru's battery ever needs a replacement, then Zuccato's Auto Care can do that for you with services such as:

Subaru Battery Test  •  Subaru Battery Replacement  •  Subaru Battery Repair


Your Subaru needs well-maintained brakes in order to come to rest at the appropriate times. Our Subaru trained mechanics have experience in brake inspections, repairs, and replacements and know the specific parts meant for any Subaru model. Our repair shop has the correct brake parts your Subaru's braking system needs for you to stay in control if you need to come to a quick stop. If you suspect your brakes could be in poor condition, please call us about a brake inspection. Some of the brake services we provide include:

Anti-Lock Brake Repair  •  Brake Adjustment  •  Brake Cleaning  •  Brake Pad Replacement  •  Brake Rotor or Drum Replacement  •  Brake Fluid Flush  •  Brake Inspection  •  Brake Replacement


There are a countless number of issues as to why you may be having problems with your Subaru's engine. Our mechanics have plenty of experience working on all Subaru models, so you can count on us to diagnose the problem and offer you solutions to make an educated decision on the best approach to repair your engine. The key to keeping your engine running in top condition is through replacing or installing any worn parts and staying up to date with your Subaru's maintenance plan including a inspection of engine components, engine sensors, fuel pump, and more. Call Zuccato's Auto Care if you need any engine repair services.

Engine Diagnostics  •  Engine Repair  •  Engine Replacement  •  Check Engine Light Repair  •  Engine Tune-Up


Changing the oil in your Subaru is not something you should procrastinate doing. In between oil changes, Subaru recommends you check your oil level at every other gas station stop. Depending on your driving style and amount of driving, your Subaru's engine may consume oil more frequently than the recommended oil change intervals. If you are unsure about the recommended oil type and the suggested mileage/time interval between oil changes for your Subaru vehicle, then please contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our technicians are factory trained and have plenty of experience working on Subaru vehicles.

Oil Change  •  Oil Filter Change


Your Subaru's shocks and struts keeps your ride feeling comfortable by absorbing the impact from bumps in the road. Our technicians will inspect your shocks and struts to make sure your Subaru handles safely and smoothly when making sharp turns and braking hard. If you suspect your shocks or struts need to be repaired, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Shocks Repair and Replacement  •  Struts Repair and Replacement

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